Saturday, June 7, 2008

Today's Haul

I was feeling punchy so I went on a toy run today. Here's what I found (and for the most part, purchased.

G.I. Joe
Comic Packs wave 4. (Copperhead, Red Star, etc.) Still just $9.99 a whack at Target. They look great.
All of Toys "R" Us' 5 exclusive sets. Did not buy these, but at least they're continuing to ship.

Transformers: Animated
Blackarachnia and Ratchet. Bought both. Both are really good for different reasons. Ratchet is a great character on the show, and the toy is solid in both modes. (His wrist-mounted weapons are a little touchy though.) Blackarachnia has a good transformation, a stunning robot mode, and a decent spider mode. All in all, I did good.

More on these on the specific Joe and TF blogs as I can take shots and post them.

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