Sunday, December 14, 2008

Macindeath + Cheap FM Adapter

Tonight's Sunday Night Slog is special, because the computer which has been the core of my projects for the past three years up and died last week. Last Sunday, my G5 tower started to act up. And die. I got to spend most of the last week troubleshooting and fretting rather than writing or, heaven forbid, sitting around and having a good time. This is particularly troubling as my Apple hardware is traditionally pretty sturdy. As far as I know, the Apple II+ at my parents' house still boots. The Macintosh IIsi I had worked fine for its seven years, ultimately getting traded in for a G3 tower (which is still here and still boots), and seven years, later, I got a G5 tower.

Which freaking died in less than four years. Very disappointing.

My iPod's FM transmitter broke the other week. (I kinda cracked it open and enhanced the antenna in 2005, and it just snapped off a few weeks ago.) So it's been fuzzy driving around, and I was more than a little surprised to see an iPod FM adapter at Target in their cheapo gift area for ten bucks. I bought it and early quick tests seem that it's actually just fine. Interesting. I'll post more later, I want to know if I should hate it or not yet.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Star Wars Comic Pack Figures Wave 4 Video

I really like this one. I'm using a Playmobil potted plant to act as "forest". At some point I need to actually try making something like this that isn't an ad.