Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Luxo Champ - Discography Attempt

A long, long time ago my friend Timmy worked in a record store and turned me on to the CD "A+B" by Luxo Champ, which I reviewed at 16bit.com a long time ago.  Way back then I tried to find the only other release mentioned anywhere, which was "Duster."  I was unable to find a copy for sale until 2012, and it was four bucks.  I was pretty dang happy.

As I write this, I just found out that another 7" exists and naturally I bought it.   I've been unable to find out exactly what exists, and Discogs.org is unhelpful... so I'm making this page to list what I know exists.  If you know something I don't, please let me know and I'll add it here (and then offer to buy your copy.)  Or if you're in the band and doing a vanity search, do let me know, I'd love to waste about 20 minutes of your time and ask some questions about this whole thing.

Known Luxo Champ Releases: 3

7" Record: Duster, 1995. Over the Counter Records. 4 tracks. Jet Jaguar is backed by The Sicilian and Professor Gimlet. 

7" Record: Danger: Death Ray. 1998, Flamingo Records.   3 tracks.  Jet Jaguar is backed by The Sicilian and Number Five.  Click here to hear title track streaming

CD: A+B.  1999,  Super 8 Underground.  6 tracks.  Jet Jaguar is backed by Miss Information, Number 6, and the Dragon Lady.  The latter three are pseudonyms for The Rondelles.  Amazon sells this.

Known Luxo Champ Compilations:4

Compilation 7" Record: 3, 2, 1..... Action! 1997, Pocket Protector Records.  Includes song "Block Mover" from A+B.

Compilation CD: Shine On, Sweet Starlet.  1998, Sympathy for the Record Industry. Includes song "Block Mover" from A+B.

Compilation CD: New Wave Explosion. 1999, Super 8 Underground.  Includes song "A+B" from A+B. [Confirmed, same version.]

Compilation CD: The Necessary Effect: Screamers Songs Interpreted. 2002, Xeroid Records / Extravertigo Recordings. Includes exclusive song "Mater Dolores." Click here to hear the track on YouTube.

(Are the versions of Block Mover any different?)