Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Goodies

More robots in disguise. I snagged Starscream from Transformers Animated, and it's a great toy-- but mine was literally missing a few screws, and as such, could not hold himself together. So he had to go back to the store earlier this evening, and I am now without a Starscream. Woe is me. It's a nice toy, though, and I'll probably post about him more on the Transformers blog soon.

I also picked up the deluxe toys Bumblebee and Lockdown on the way in to work on Monday, and am now trying to get some of those packaged shots edited and posted.

Bumblebee is a figure I wish I liked more. He's colorful, but his yellows don't match and he's a little clunky with panels hanging off his person. He's lively and has a great personality, and as many a wise man said, a little personality goes a long way. Unfortunately, those bits hanging off him don't do him any favors, and the deco is frankly bad. Hasbro could probably swing a "premium edition" figure of this one.

Lockdown is pretty neat, but also suffers from flaws-- at least on my sample, the legs keep popping off during transformation. In robot mode, he's incredibly tall, taller than the mighty Grimlock. He has two snap-on weapons, a hook (which makes him a "pirate") and what I guess is Ratchet's EMP generator as seen on the cartoon. It actually plugs into a socket in Ratchet's arm, which I have to say makes this toy worth buying just for that. The little add-ons really make this toy exciting, otherwise he'd be pretty flat and fall-apart-y.

If you're short on cash, I'd say I like Blackarachnia and Ratchet more, but hey, they're all good for different reasons.

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