Friday, November 13, 2009

Toy Runs Are Great

So Pete and I hit a bunch of stores Friday and I/we went to some other places too. Due to leaks of things that shouldn't be out and me not wanting to piss on anyone's parade, here's some of what I got.

Tom Waits "Glitter & Doom Live"
Melt Banana "Cell-Scape"
Les Savy Fav "Go Forth"

Fifth Element (Blu-Ray, $13, woo)

TMNT Collected Year 1

DC Universe Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Black Canary set ($5.00)

Xbox 360 LEGO Batman and LEGO Star Wars Complete Saga ($17 for the pair, not each)

Ruby Red Squirt (Fry's Marketplace)
...Pop Soda was all out of Jolt. Again. Tons of diet, of course, none of the regular stuff. WHY DO YOU MOCK ME SO.

Pete was looking for "Kill City" from Iggy Pop/James Williamson and we could not find a copy on CD. A pity. It's a pretty good album. terms of "catch and release" finds, there were tons of Dewbacks, AT-ST, Geonosis Assault (Gun Pod) Battle Packs, Jurassic Park TRU toys (in short supply in my usual haunts), Masterpiece Skywarps, Legacy Wave 9, and other goodies in great numbers. As usual, Phoenix does not disappoint.

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Pete said...

Dude seriously that toy run was on!

I enjoyed blasting through that ghetto El Con mall called Spectrum Mall.

Pop had lots of good soda this time, except the Jolt Cola. I think I'll go back for more Red Eye and Cherry Bomb. Jolt is the ideal beverage for me to watch Return of the Living Dead or Richard Bey on YouTube. Cheers!

I ended-up buying Kill City on Amazon. James Lipton and Iggy should be dropping soon.

I leave you with a TR haiku.

Dr.Fate chicken
Zia Cola comics
AZ toy runs rule