Monday, December 7, 2009

Goodbye Cable, Hello Movies

So we got rid of the cable (DISH network, specifically) a couple of weeks ago when our 5-year-old DVR box receiver finally died as the hard drive conked out. We've toyed with adjusting our package to nix a level of programming (which we didn't, due to GSN and FX) and then also considered dumping HBO (which we didn't, because it always had something good on.) So while I'm missing some stuff, most of it is on Hulu or an equivalent so that has been working out just fine.

The best part of all of this is that the massive DVD collection in our hallway is not only getting sorted, it's getting watched. Numerous Star Trek films, episodes of Pee-Wee's Playhouse, and other goodies are finally being screened in my home rather than the horrible stuff we tended to watch on the DVR. Which may or may not have included a number of shows on VH-1 that surrounded long-form dating game shows.

I think this says less about the state of TV programming than it does with my inability to say no to the pop culture stuff that won't help my job or general well-being in the same way as, say, rewatching the entire Planet of the Apes series. Which is a good idea, good for you, and good times.

So I guess my plan for the new year is to choke down every last one of these hundreds of movie DVDs or sell them off. There's so many movies I need to see again, or at all, that this should be a good way to spend a year. I may be less informed BUT at least I'll have a better catalog of references from which to laugh at MST3K DVDs. (I've already got the Mothers jokes covered.)

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