Monday, September 22, 2008

Games and Games and Games

As a kid I spent nearly every free minute with a controller in my hand if I could help it. I got to revisit this part of my life last week with a slog through Star Wars: the Force Unleashed on the Xbox 360. Overall, I'd say the experience was a good one but I did get annoyed at a few spots. The game wasn't sufficiently debugged and some of the difficulty feels quite uneven, but still, I can't deny that I enjoyed the experience as a complete package.

After that, I pulled out (and am close to finishing) Mega Man 1 and 2. (Just need to do the Dr. Wily stages in both.) I'm pretty excited that Mega Man 9 is coming this week, but it's only for the Wii and PlayStation 3. Since the Xbox 360 version is next week, I'm going to wait-- not because I dislike the Wii (and don't own a PS3), but because as a fiend for achievements, well, I at least want a shot at them. Even if they are seemingly impossible. (Seriously read the list, tell me if you think you can get 40% of those.) It should be fun, though, and I'm really hoping that it's an excellent game that sells well. Anything to encourage more game development that might result in software that seems like it fell out of a time warp from an alternate 1991.

Anyway, this week is going to be a big catch-up week since Saturday was mostly spent playing video games for the first time in a while. Oh well. I will say, though, that it certainly beats working.

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