Sunday, September 14, 2008

Birthday Stuff

It was my birthday today. We went to a bunch of toy stores and basically didn't find much, although we did discover a posthumous comedy album from Mitch Hedberg called Do You Believe in Gosh? from Comedy Central records. Apparently this was recorded in 2005, two months before he died. If they're releasing a live set not meant to be made into an album for one of the greatest comedians that never really managed to be all he could, it can only mean one thing. They're making a ton of money from those other two albums. (Also, it's probably very funny, I haven't listened to it yet.)

Also, the Ontario LEGO store has the classic LEGO figure 5-pack-- you know, with the old-timey red astronaut, a classic fire fighter, and some other figures. At $19.99 for 5 figures, I passed. I thought it was going to be $10, and it wasn't. Thankfully there was a Fazoli's nearby so at least dinner would be about as exotic as one might hope.

I also didn't notice Rock Band 2 at any of the many places I went. I did see the massive Viva Pinata Trouble in Paradise strategy guide, and a lot of presell tags for this week's Star Wars: The Force Unleashed release. Which I still look forward to, despite an almost certainty that it's going to be (at best) average.

We also hit up this one area to check out a used book store (which we opted not to peruse) and a little CD shop (which was closed) in front of a giant dirt pit. I think it was in Pamona. Pamona sucks.

Am now working on the various blogs and pages for the Monday readership. I'd rather be playing Dig Dug some more.

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