Monday, July 21, 2008

Comic-Con This Week

Comic-Con is this week, and in a way, it's going to be a test run for the whole blog thing. I haven't yet announced any of this stuff but I'm hoping to post crap to my various blogs from the show and see what happens. It's going to be different, and most likely not work well. But if it does, it's going to mean that my life online is going to get a whole lot easier. For me. Who knows how it'll be for you people, you're on your own.

...seriously though, if anyone out there is reading and sees this please email me/leave comments for requests of what you want to see from Comic-Con. Due to work I can't do a lot of panels (OK, maybe 2 or 3) but I will be there with my camera ad my little notebook to ask questions if happenstance permits, so hey, use me as your roving reporter if you'd like.

I'll definitely be podcasting for work, so you'll hear shows either this week or early next week. Again, there's a lot of tools that are going to be tested, and if it works it'll work nicely.

Oh yeah-- my good friend Shaun-- and when I say "friend," this is someone I actually hang out with when we're in the same city, and we went to college together-- put up a great short film called Discount Assassin. The whole idea is a guy will kill on the cheap. He also writes for the comedy blog Comedy Is Dead, so be sure to see his movie as it beats doing nothing.

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