Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Incredible Hulk Toys at Burger King

I walked to lunch at Burger King again today, hoping to score another Indiana Jones toy. Well, they're all gone. But they did have this.

It's called "Hulk Smash." How original. You pick it up and slam it down, hearing a springy smashing sound. I guess it's kind of neat, and should give any child literally minute of fun. (That's not a typo.) The other toys looked pretty good, as there were a lot of little figures and other gimmicky things. I'll post more if/as I get them.

Oh, and if you're reading the tags, I recently found out "QSR" stands for "Quick-Service Restaurant" in the toy world, so it seemed a decent way to start categorizing these little toy posts until I make a fast food toys blog. Which is probably going to happen soon.

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photoguy said...

I missed out on the Indiana Jones ones, i did get a hulk toy hoping to get cool figure to put on my desk instead i am sitting here with the women scientist ughhh its so lame. I think i am going to repaint it though as a fun art project. Did you make your toy blog yet i would like to check it out. I have alot of old toys from when i was little i could do some short videos for, i can review this hulk one too and you could add it up on your site if you want.

I have been messing around with macro photography of these kinds of toys and its been fun check out some of my stuff