Friday, June 13, 2008

Wall-E Basic Figure

Thinkway Toys put out a fairly robust line of Wall-E merch, which I mentioned a few weeks ago. I bought this little guy for about six bucks, and he comes in packaging very similar to that of the Titanium Series line from Hasbro.

The little bugger stands about 3-inches tall and has articulation at the shoulders, neck, wheels, and hands. Basically, his hands can open and close to grasp things.

I picked up one other Wall-E item which I'll get around to shooting eventually, but this is a fine little robot toy for about six dollars. It's from Thinkway Toys, and so far I've seen these only at Kay-Bee stores and select Toys "R" Us stores. Distribution is a little thin so far, but odds are it'll expand in the coming weeks.

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