Tuesday, May 20, 2008


After like a year of not seeing it in the wilds, I got this nifty Constructicon Devastator in the mail in a trade with Seth, one of the many wonderful toy collectors in the world today. This Wal-Mart exclusive hit about a year ago and I've never once seen one in stores, despite a lot of looking. (And yes, some exclusives hit Los Angeles six months later than the "first sightings" elsewhere.)

I like it. The two shades of green are weird, I need to see what the deal with that is. It appears they're all that way, which is kind of a shame, but oh well. It's a recolor of the five Constructicon toys sold during Transformers Energon, but in more Generation One-esque colors to appeal to people like me who can and will buy the same toy twice because of color improvements. We're not very smart.

The entire package sold for $30 and seems worth it. It's 4 $7 toys and 1 $10 toy, so if you bought this piece by piece-- and if you're like me, maybe you did-- you can see there's an obvious benefit to getting them as a boxed set. If you don't have any of the Devastator toys, this is a decent one to get. I'm still messing with it and am telling you about it now only to test some blogger features, but I can say I enjoy it muchly and you should get one too.

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