Friday, March 26, 2010

Eisenhower, Hippies

Mystery solved!

Many years ago when Napster ruled supreme, there was a song attributed to Man or Astro-Man called "Eisenhower & The Hippies." It sounded vaguely like them-- close enough, to be sure-- but where did it come from? Was it a cover?

Well, I finally found out. The track itself comes from the compilation Oh Canaduh which features 1990s bands covering 1970s and 1980s Canadian punk songs. Since they are Canadian, odds are you haven't heard of most of them.

The original band that wrote "Eisenhower & the Hippies" (also seen as "Eisenhower vs. Hippies") is UJ3RK5 or "You Jerks." Even Wikipedia had it wrong. Well, now you know! Ordinarily I'd dump on a band for using this sort of language in their name, but for something from 30 years ago? It's cool.

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Pete said...

Wow! I remember seeing that song in my old MP3 file.

Man or Astroman? was on several good comps in their day including All Punk Rods! which also has Servotron on it.

A Man or Astroman? b-side collection is long overdue. Each vinyl release seems to have an extra track on it also. Such as "the Space Alphabet" on Experiment Zero.