Thursday, December 31, 2009

Stuff I Want In 2010 (Or, Unreasonable Demands)

1. The alleged "Pinkerton" special edition album with bonus tracks and whatever needs to come out
2. Hasbro needs to make Sunstorm in its next Classics/Universe line (repaint of Starscream)
3. An official announcement of some substance for the live-action Star Wars TV show.
4. Darius Burst for PSP released in the USA. Failing that, any Darius game on Xbox Live.
5. "The Office" gets wind of Lost's plan to end the show and follows suit. Failing that, start hiring or firing people.
6. US release of Masterpiece Edition Grimlock, at or under $75
7. G.I. Joe's continued integration of non-Joe characters like Matt Trakker. Maybe Spike Witwicky or grab a new license just to throw 'em in the Joe line. Like Metal Gear Solid.
8. Mattel steals Hasbro's idea of "guest stars" like Matt Trakker and includes other licenses in Masters of the Universe. Lion-O's about due for a new toy.
9. Star Wars is released or announced for Blu-Ray.
10. Salamander gets released for Xbox Live Arcade.
11. Transformers Classics Kup. It's about time.
12. Hasbro announces an Oscar the Grouch action figure. (Hey, they got the license.)
13. Somebody makes a decent, fairly priced Samus Aran toy.

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