Friday, November 13, 2009

This Root Beer Is Totally Real

Found this at Pop Soda in Tempe, AZ while I'm on assignment. (Otherwise I'd post this to first.)

It's Judge Wapner Root Beer. The label reads "I sentence you to drink my Root Beer." I haven't tried it yet, but it's from the same people that did Leninade and that was pretty good stuff. I'll be keeping an empty of this on my desk at work, too.

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Pete said...

I want to open my bottle but I want to preserve it's daytime goodness.

Why did the good judge endorse this root beer?

Life is full of mystery and glorious surprise.

If someone had said that I was going to hit Pop with Adam and find a root beer endosed by the judge from the People's Court I wouldn't have believed him.

It's all best summed up with this quote from the Castlevania 2 booklet:

"Fear not, brave Simon, for if you have the courage to risk your life, you will find the strength to win again."