Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Really, Music Press?

There are few things you can be sure of when the name They Might Be Giants have news that hits the music press. One, it's a safe bet the word "quirky" will be employed. This was a law up until about 2000, now it seems to just happen on occasion.

The new new law is that if it's a kid's album, it's going to say something like this, which we just happened to take from Pop Matters review of Here Comes Science:

This is the kind of record that parents won’t get sick of their kids playing nonstop.

In the off chance a parent is reading this, I'd like to invite you to comment on that sentence-- variations of which appear in most if not all reviews of the TMBG kids' albums over the past few years.

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Pete said...

TMBG have always been in the education business.
I feel like I didn't really grasp the concept of a band that could be two guys and a drum machine until those two guys came along. TMBG are as inspiring as the Ramones in their genuine ballsy-ness.

Ang Ng is a kid's song too now that I think about it. World's Fair, Dupont Pavillion, It's a Small World are all good references. Kids gotta learn about Tek War Somewhere.

Side note: When I met the Jimmy Eat World singer at Home Depot I wanted to ask him why he included a reference to "Don't Lets Start" in his downer-of-a-tune, "Praise Chorus." I chose to be Krusty the Clown instead and rap about air conditioners instead. What a bummer! Insert expletives here.