Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Robots & Invaders from Space

Yesterday (earlier Today) was an exciting day! Diamond/Previews announced three new exclusives, including new Mighty Muggs, a new Star Wars: Empire themed TIE Fighter, and a Funko Commander Gree Bobble Head. I posted about some of it here.

I also shot up more impressions of Cybertron Mode Optimus Prime, complete with pictures. The short version: it's great. The long version: it's really great, and there are 23 photos of it for you to check out if you like such things.

This week's downloadable Wii and Xbox 360 games weren't thrilling, but I'll complain about those later when I post the next 16bit.com update. Oh, Space Invaders Extreme for Nintendo DS comes out today. I'm very much looking forward to trying that.

Oh yeah, and the new Transformers Animated DVD with the pilot comes out today. I hear the Target bonus disc should be interesting.

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