Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another project

It's never too early to spend your life writing about stuff. I've been writing online about toys and action figures in a semi-professional capacity since 1995, an am now trying out a few blogs. Like, more than one. I presently write for and, as well as the Playmoblog. My day job is Toy Evangelist for Entertainment Earth, where I do a lot of merchandising things, YouTube videos, podcasts, and other exciting things that the kids call Web 2.0. Or rather, they don't, just the people in their 40s.

I'm now playing with Flickr and YouTube from a pure publishing perspective. I think there's a lot to gain by giving a lot away, for example just biting the bullet and putting all your photos on Flickr for the world to use as they see fit. (Maybe with a credit on the image.)

Hopefully you'll like this little experiment in quick, dirty content. I want to write more but spend less time doing it-- let's see if it works. I'm betting on "no."

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